Everything I Know

by Late In The Playoffs

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Late In The Playoffs debut EP "Everything I Know" out OUT NOW!


released August 30, 2011

Produced by Late In The Playoffs
Recorded at Drasik Studios, Chicago, IL.
Engineered by Mark Michalik
Mixed by Jamie Woolford / Room Sound
Mastered by Mike Kalajian



all rights reserved


Late In The Playoffs Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Everything I Know
I'm waiting on you to give up on your feelings
And take me out too with your entourage baby
I'm hooked on you like the rest of my body
I'm taking the pills to stay sane, I'm never grody anymore

Because you aught to know I'm a fool for the rules
Take it slow
Give me all the impressions you can use
And assume you know everything I know
Track Name: You Won't
You won’t be thinking about missing me
And you wont be paying for this surgery
I feel like this fires burning up in here
Yeah you still can’t promise me my everything

Are we still on the phone?
The signal’s breaking up, I don’t know.
And you could swallow all my words
If this is midnight summer stress that I’m feeling
The red line never stopped me from seeing you
Just tell me I’m the only one who knows you now

Yeah you know this marks the end of me
A daunting second nature
And you know that I’ll be back someday
Waiting for your sounds and your charade

It’s about time I feel the summer wind but now I’m
Trading all of my things in to start it all again
But everything we made to memories thus far
Is finding its way home to me
I can’t break this routine

Of me clinging onto something sweet
Like how this 40s besting me
And leading me on to stranger things
Me and my 40, we're screaming no!
Track Name: New Directions
These hands want to miss you, they’re feeling old worn and washed up
They don’t want to look for you anymore in the missed connections
We’re getting warm, there syncopation in our toes
I feel the rhythm, we’re getting sore
Waiting for patience to knock us both in new directions can we go
As far as the roads are willing to take us to catch the wrong
Bus to make us learn our lessons upside down
And find each other on the worst side of town
I’ll be keeping you warm and taking you home
At least I thought

When it’s all talk of some wishy washy lovers
It’s got me breathing this air thats caught my tongue
The fear of it all is how this mirror makes it’s money
Taking pennies from the water and banks on lucky stars

No more leaning on these walls
That have crumbled far too much
I’ve crumbled all my own
And of course these winds can’t keep me up
I’ve been kicked out twice this month
I’m the bottom that’s breaking off
Oh come on!

I’m curious about the way this city worries
About me listening to the calls I wish she’d make me
These building swarm and keep my cozy but will things work?
My piggy bank tells me I’m broke
But I’m still working on my steps
Coincidently I’ve fallen flat
On my face, It’s okay
Newer faith in mistakes
And they wont go away
And they wont go away
Track Name: Blue Eyes
I’ve got some money saved up from a party
just enough for a train ride to you
And if you like coffee, enjoy motion city
I can say that you’re hardly new to my way of life

I’ve been with a blonde all my life
And the blue eyes thing aint the ocean anymore
When the ceilings caved and the walls all cracked
You just fell into my lap
Patched it up
Now it’s the bottom that’s dropping out

For the winter, whats keeping me home
I’ve got my sweater but its not enough
For the winter whats keeping me warm
You are my sweater but you’re not enough

For the middle of the night
I'll call you up to see if you’re alright

When I get some money I’ll go to the city
I’ll have rush hour just consume me
So I’m not too early or make you feel silly
About me talking bout you all day
Your picture wakes me up
By your smile shaking my heart
And your lips spreading that sunlight through my room
Just the color of your hair gets me up
And gets me into you I swear
Track Name: Waking Up Is The Hardest
Waking up is the hardest
When you fell through the night without landing
Saying words that don’t mean anything
I abhor the thought of coming clean
This of course means I might be something better

Following through the thoughts of making a mess out of my life
And working through the nights of watching the world wrap me up and pull
And people always say "do what you think will make you happier"
Yeah people say that now’s the time to think
They’re making faces at me

Summer gets that we’re failing
She wont come out till May, we don’t mind waiting
For us to realize the route is full and the chances aren’t so bold and sure
But for sure our hearts a compass for love, so long

See the way we work isn’t complicated at all
We got our wishes we want o come true all laced and shined up
See the way we work isn’t complicated at all
Were sold by the fact that the music comes from at home

B/c now that you’re here and you need my help
You’re in love with the darkness of it all
This time don’t be scared when you’re dream gives out
Just don’t fall through the darkness of it all
So long, when you need my help